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Dee Zee

Dee Zee Truck Accessories

Once known as the running board company, Dee Zee has grown to be a very large truck and SUV accessory designer and manufacturer. In the 70's, customers demanded Dee Zee quality running boards. Over the years, they have added new accessories and expanded their parts lineup to more vehicles. There goal is to offer products to upgrade most every area of a truck's body to become more useful or better looking.

Today, Dee Zee still makes running boards. Along with traditional running boards are step pads and side box boards. Related items include more seamless styles of boards along with step style nerf bars available in several finishes. Moving to the bed area: Dee Zee has a number of exterior accessories to protect and add functionality to the bed. Bed floor and side rail protection products keep your truck looking great in an area of the truck that usually is abused. Truck bed racks and ladder racks extend the usable space of your truck. Tie down anchors and tool boxes are also popular Dee Zee accessories.

Grilles and grille gaurds are always popular with the off road crowd. Protect the front of your rig and make it look ten times tougher. Dee Zee grille guards are usually available in powder coated steel and stainless steel. Almost all guards bolt on very easily. Mud flaps are also another protective item that off roaders need. Controlling rocks and mud are key for safety and keeping them down off the body of your vehicle. Dee Zee mud flaps can help your truck stay cleaner with less rock chips from thrown debris.