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Ford Performance

Ford Performance Racing Parts has been producing performance Ford parts since the early days of "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday" in the 1960's. Nowadays Ford Performance still produces power enhancing parts for Ford Cars and Trucks as well as chassis, brakes, suspension, exterior styling upgrades and even big horsepower crate engines. JEGS is proud to be associated with an automotive icon like Ford and their Ford Performance division, that's why we stock many Ford Performance Racing Engines, Brakes, Ford Cylinder Heads, Valve train Components, Drivetrain, chassis and suspension equipment.

Ford Performance
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Ford Racing Engines & Brakes

Ford Racing Engines - Nobody builds a better Ford crate engine than Ford Racing. They offer a number of engines with consistent quality from engine to engine. Ford Racing offers the small block 302/351W Ford in several cubic inch dimensions. Big block Ford Racing engines are big cube behomoths with monster torque. Modular motors are available in different configurations of 4.6 liter, 5.0 liter (Cammer), 5.4 liter most of which are a 4 valves per cylinder configuration. Ford Racing also builds sealed race engines for use in specific race series. The engine warranty is one of the best found for a crate engine.

Ford Racing Brakes - Stopping your Stang is probably right up there for the best upgrades you can add on. Ford Racing has a number of high performance braking solutions for the street and track. You can find a front or rear kit to upgrade your stock brakes with the Cobra upgrade to add larger discs, stronger calipers and better pads. All of the kits are meant to upgrade the performance of your Mustang brake system seamlessly. No annoying missing parts to hunt down. Ford Racing parts are available for early Mustangs up to the newest Ponys off the lot.