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Nitrous Express

Welcome to instant horsepower and speed. Nitrous Express builds a range of nitrous kits for many different applications and performance levels. Choose how much power you want to add with nitrous, and Nitrous Express can probably deliver it. Nitrous Express is well known for their expertise in the area of nitrous power. They also provide a large number of individual nitrous components from gauges and valves to bottle warmers. JEGS carries Nitrous Express products to build easy horsepower at everyday low prices.

Nitrous Express
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Nitrous Express - Nitrous Oxide

It's good to know that there is a company totally dedicated to quality and affordable nitrous performance kits and products. At Nitrous Express, harnessing nitrous performance is the whole purpose they exist. They were there in the early stages of the development of nitrous oxide for racing. Nitrous Express has the experience to build nitrous oxide systems and components to make your car go fast! All components are high quality pieces that will perform as intended. Almost all parts are made in the USA and undergo a rigorous testing process before approved for sale. Horsepower claims are accurate and dyno proven at the wheel. You'll receive the performance that you expect. Nitrous Express follows these ideals to make sure customers are satisfied.

Because of their history of developing new and innovative nitrous systems, Nitrous Express has also pushed the performance parts industry to develop supporting engine and transmission components to help nitrous users go faster. During the 1980's, Nitrous Express worked with others to develop cams that would work well with nitrous. Those experiments and testing lead to the cam designs we use today for nitrous applications. Torque converters were also part of the nitrous puzzle. Torque converters have to be sized correctly to apply the power from a nitrous system. Again, a lot of that research has given the knowledge to build converters to use for nitrous applications.