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Pit Pal

When you're between races and you have to have the car ready and on the track now, you better know where your tools, equipment and necessary items are. Pit Pal storage equipment can actually help you win races. Pit Pal offers a complete line of time saving storage equipment so you can get your car back on the track as fast as possible. Besides, being organized is part of building a winning race team!You can get Pit Pal trailer accessories and storage equipment at JEGS at everyday low prices.

Pit Pal - Leaders in Race Trailer Organization

Better organization? It is really not much fun to organize your stuff, unless you know that it can help you win races. Pit Pal offers many products for race trailers and garage areas that can help you keep your equipment and supplies in good condition and close at hand. Races are sometimes won in the pits. If you have to be at the line for the next race, and you don't have much time, you can't be searching for supplies. You need to put as much time into rebuilding or installing parts, rather than hunting them down. Pit Pal also has a ton of related items that will help with trailering and storage.

Pit Pal products come out of a racing heritage. Solutions were needed to organize racing items. Pit Pal started making the solutions they needed. Soon Pit Pal had hundreds of specific products for race trailers and the garage area. They stress quality, innovation and affordability. You can see it in their product line. Many producst are aluminum for lightweight, durability and weather resistance, perfect for a trailer/race environment. Today, Pit pal has over 800 products to help any racer. You won't need them all, but there's a Pit Pal solution for every storage need.