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Precision Grilles

Precision Grilles offers a unique selection of billet and stainless grilles for many cars and trucks. There are several grille styles and patterns to choose from. Precision makes high quality products so you'll never be disappointed. You get great looks and quality to match.

Make your vehicle unique with a Precision Grille product or accessory from JEGS.

Precision Grilles

Precision Grilles Overview

Competition is intense in automotive body styling upgrades. To stay ahead, you have to offer designs that work with the unique style of each vehicle and maintain high quality products that last. Since 1991, Precision has done all of these things as you will see in their products. They offer several unique designs so you have options on making your vehicle look the way you want it to. Quality is conistent throughout the Precision line.

Precision is most known for their grille line. Offering an endless list of grilles for most makes and models, Precision Grilles is the leader in style and craftsmanship. Precision offers billet, stainless and a few other types. Attention to styling detail can be seen in every grille. Fit and finish are as good as or better than factory.

One of the early products Precision manufactured was a hidden trailer hitch system. Getting that useful, yet unsightly receiver tube hitch hidden is a great step forward in smooth styling. Precision also offers roll pans to further smooth out your truck's rear. License plate flip kits allow the use of a roll pan and hidden hitch kit.