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Weld Racing Wheels

Weld Racing Wheels & Information

Race wheels are a balance between strength and weight. To go fast, a race car has to be as light as possible without sacrificing the strength of the component or the car itself. It won't help if you can go fast for part of a race. Weld Racing designs and engineers wheels that are both strong and light. Because they are a race wheel manufacturer first and foremost, strength and weight are their first concern. Lighter wheels will let you accelerate faster and stop quicker. Weld Racing achieves building lighter wheels with a combination of computer models, talented engineers and race winning experience. Of course, you want your race car to look good too. The Weld Wheels lineup has a variety of styles and finishes so Weld rims will look good on any race car or street machine.

For more than 40 years, Weld Wheels has manufactured race winning wheels for some of racing's biggest names. In that time they have become known as the forged aluminum wheel manufacturing experts. Weld wheels are found in many different racing series. Weld Racing continues to lead the way with wheel innovations that help you win at the track and make you look good doing it.