Camshaft Tools

Installing a cam correctly requires professional and accurate measuring and installation tools. Cam installation is only the first step in the process of building a valvetrain. For many of us who build custom engines, you will need to use a number of tools to build the valvetrain. JEGS carries valve seal tools & compressors, spring testers, pushrod length checker and a number of other items.

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Cams & Valvetrain Camshaft Tools

Mr Gasket Long Style Crankshaft Key

  • Small Block/Big Block Chevy
  • Small Block/Big Block Chrysler
  • Stock Replacement - 0° offset
  • Long Style: 1.387" long x .400" high x .187" wide
  • $17.83
    Ships Monday
    Lowest Price Guarantee

    Mr Gasket Offset Crankshaft and Camshaft Key

    Crankshaft Key
  • SB/BB-Chevy

  • Camshaft Key
  • Pontiac 389-400ci
  • Chrysler 354-392ci

  • 6-Cylinder Factory Gear Drive
  • Chevy In-Line 6
  • Ford In-Line 6
  • 4° Offset
  • $17.83
    Ships Monday
    Lowest Price Guarantee

    Mr Gasket Cam Degree Bushing Kit

  • Small Block Chevy/Big Block Chevy, Chrysler B-Block
  • Includes 2°, 4°, 6° 8°, plus 0°
  • $22.03
    Ships in 24hrs
    Lowest Price Guarantee