1) 1-15/16" X 19/16" rectangle opening in baseplate
2) includes cast aluminum velocity stack
3) 1/2" vent elbow included
4) fits Holley 5200 equipped with electronic feedback solenoid
5) oval filter assembly is turned 90 degrees to the base of carburetor flange (4 stud base)
6) 1-3/4" opening in baseplate
7) cast aluminum top and base powder coated black
8) must remove Weber airhorns
9) works with Weber airhorns
10) 2 bolt mount
11) 3 bolt mount
12) will not work with velocity stacks
13) 2-5/8" flange, will not fit VW engine with large fan shrouds
14) special offset base allows use of larger fan shrouds on VW engines
15) mounting bolt kit included
16) E-2410 fits original Kadron filter case
17) includes optional vent
18) must use separate velocity stacks to mount filter
19) new improved racing version has stronger center tree and 4 springs to hold top plate
20) filter is turned 90 degrees to centerlines of carburetor bore
21) filter is mounted centered to carburetor bores