Independent Testing Confirms... Blue MaxTM Beats All Other Wire In Its Class!

Spark Energy

With Blue Max™ 8mm and Super Max 11™ Spiral Core's optimized combination of capacitance, inductance and resistance, Moroso engineers have devised the most powerful spiral core ignition wire available in it's class. Conductor material, turns-per-inch, and core diameter were painstakingly selected to produce the highest levels of spark energy! Its capacitance (analogous to a sponge-like effect as voltage is dumped into the wire) and its inductance (a function of the magnetic field "induced" by passing current through a coiled wire) have a significant effect on spark energy transmission and must be "fine-tuned" for maximum output.

Elite Electronics Laboratories, a leading automotive electronics test facility, tested Moroso Blue Max™ against 14 other brands. Their results confirm that Blue Max™ transmitted more spark energy than any of the others.

Spark Energy Graph

EMI Suppression

EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) is a problem. Moroso Blue Max™ and Super Max 11™ Spiral Core provides excellent noise suppression, protecting on-board electronics, computers, radio communication, and even FM reception in your mega-watt audio system.

Elite Electronic Laboratories confirms, using SAE’s CISPR test, that Blue Max™ suppresses more electro-magnetic interference than any other brand of "high-performance" spiral core wire.

EMI Suppression Graph


Spiral Core or Solid Core, one of the most important characteristics of a wire is its ability to handle extremely high voltage without "leaking" or "arcing" through the insulation. As ignition system output has increased over the years, insulating materials have also evolved. From Neoprene to Hypalon to Silicone, dielectric strength was increased with each new material. Moroso uses EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) as an inner insulation because it has higher dielectric strength properties than any other material currently available -- including Silicone. In fact, Blue Max™ 8mm construction consistently out-performs 8.5mm, 8.8mm, and even 10+mm Silicone-over-Silicone "performance" wires. Super Max 11™, with its dual layers of silicone over EPDM, adds another 10,000 volts of dielectric strength!

The chart illustrates the break-through voltage of sample wires tested in a water-filled tank. Even at the maximum test output of 60,000 volts, Moroso Blue Max™ does not break down or arc through.

Insulation Graph