Oil Pans

Choosing the right oil pan is important for many reasons. Consider the engine compartment and space where the oil pan will be installed. Any number of chassis components can be a problem with some oil pans, especially high capacity pans. Racing oil pans are built for specific applications. Drag racing pans will differ from street use versions because oil control is vital to proper engine lubrication. A vehicle that is accelerating in a straight line will push oil to the back of the pan reservoir. Circle track and street type courses tend to push oil to the sides of the oil pan as well as the back. High performance oil pans are made to control the oil and keep the pickup tube in the oil continuously no matter what the car is doing on the track. Horsepower can also be increased by choosing the appropriate pan. JEGS carries oil pans from some of the top manufacturers like: B&B, Hamburgers, Milodon, Moroso, Stef's and more!

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