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What Are Edelbrock Carburetor Choke Kits Common Pros and Cons?

Purchasing an Edelbrock carburetor choke kit frees you of one less thing to think about when driving your vehicle. Electric choke kits allow automatic opening and closing of the choke plate, making engine starting easier and without the need of pulling a knob on a manual choke cable. There are not any known negative reasons to use an Edelbrock carburetor electric choke kit.

Which Edelbrock Carburetor Choke Kits Are Best?

There currently is only one Edelbrock carburetor electric choke kit available to convert your Performance carburetor with manual choke. As long as you have a Performer Series carburetor, it will fit.

How Much Do Edelbrock Carburetor Choke Kits Cost?

An Edelbrock carburetor electric choke conversion kit is available for around $100 with a replacement cap in the sub-$50 range.