What Are FST Performance RT-Series Carburetors Common Pros and Cons?

FST performance carburetors are competitively priced, making them a great deal for a street use carb. These carburetors also include options for choke, secondaries, fuel bowls, and finish. There are not any known negative effects from the use of the FST Performance RT-Series carburetor.

Which FST Performance RT-Series Carburetors Are Best?

When selecting an FST performance carburetor, the first step is confirming the correct CFM for the application. This is based on the engine size, maximum rpm / redline, and primary application (street or race). Next, choose from mechanical or vacuum secondaries, side or center hung float bowl design, and electric, manual, or no choke. From the remaining options, choose the one that matches your application needs, finish preference, and budget.

How Much Do FST Performance RT-Series Carburetors Cost?

FST Performance RT-Series Carburetors range in price between $300 and $500, depending on the size and options.