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What Is The Top JEGS Racing Coolant Product?

Ice Water Racing Coolant is the best-selling JEGS coolant product. It is legal for use on asphalt surfaces such as at the racetrack, as it doesn't create a slippery surface if it leaks from the engine. It also is designed to maximize heat transfer between the engine and radiator, which helps keep temperatures down and horsepower levels up.

How Much Does JEGS Racing Coolant Cost?

Ice Water Racing Coolant is just under $30 for a gallon, while the Racing Coolant and Antifreeze With LP-3 is just under $40 for a gallon.

What Are The Main Benefits of JEGS Racing Coolant?

The main benefit that JEGS racing antifreeze provides is protection of crucial parts of the engine cooling system from corrosion and wear by lubricating and shielding components with its high performance formula. Ice water racing coolant is designed to be used in temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit and provides maximum cooling capability. Racing coolant and antifreeze with LP-3 protects engine in temperatures between -30 degrees and 260 degrees Fahrenheit.

How To Use JEGS Racing Coolant

Using JEGS race car antifreeze is very simple. Already premixed with water (50/50 blend), it is ready to fill or top off your radiator, coolant overflow, or recirculating tank. When using Ice Water Racing Coolant, the cooling system needs to be completely drained for maximum performance. This can be done by opening the petcock on the bottom of the radiator or disconnecting the bottom radiator hose. Once drained and after closing the coolant system, add the Ice Water Racing Coolant until the radiator is full. Then start the engine, allowing the coolant to circulate, and top off the radiator. If a thermostat is being used, waiting until it opens at its working temperature will allow the coolant system to further bleed air and more coolant to be added. Once the radiator is full and all air is bled from the system, install the radiator cap and top off the recirculating coolant tank (if equipped).