The key to optimal power is to get the right mix of fuel, oxygen, and nitrous. With NOS carburetor injector plates from JEGS, you can be sure you're getting the perfect mixture every time you hit the switch. Available in several configurations and thicknesses, NOS injector plates are sure to give you the consistent nitrous flow you need to make significant power. Choose from JEGS's wide selection of carburetor injector plates and get the perfect mixture for your application.

What Are NOS Carburetor Injector Plates Common Pros and Cons?

A solid billet aluminum construction and optimal atomization are just some advantages of NOS carburetor injector plates. Most injector plates are engineered to provide years of trouble-free service and are backed by a limited warranty. The only downside is that underhood clearance will be reduced, meaning minor modifications may be required for certain applications where space is limited.

Which NOS Carburetor Injector Plates Are Best?

JEGS recommends the NOS carburetor injector plate pro 2 stage for race applications. The setup is adjustable from 100 to 250 hp and provides superior atomization for increased power and consistency.

How Much Do NOS Carburetor Injector Plates Cost?

NOS Powershot injector places start under $250, while the NOS Pro 2-stage injector plates are around $350. So whether you're looking to add a little extra power or go all out, JEGS has the right carburetor injector plate for your needs.