DCTF ATF: Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid is designed for many of the latest 6-, 7- and 8-speed transmission found in modern passenger cars. DCTF is blended with ester base stocks for shear stability, extended drain intervals and more consistent viscosity in variable temperatures. Utilizing high quality ingredients helps to provide better thermal stability, oxidation resistance and improved wear protection.
  • Designed to provide extreme protection in many wet and -dry-style dual clutch transmissions.
  • Compatible with other lubricants designed for dual clutch transmissions, follow owners manual for service intervals
  • Popular for VW/AUDI, BMW, Porsche PDK, Ferrari

  • D4 ATF: A fully synthetic ATF designed to satify the requirements of Dexron III, Mercon and Mercon V, while satisfying GL-4 oil requirements. Superior stability allows high temp operation without varnishing valves and clutches. Also provides tremendously improved shifting in cold weather. The best low temp shiftability for manual transmissions and transaxles.

    D6 ATF: Recommended where the latest Dexron-VI is required, as well as where Ford Mercon SP, Toyota WS and Mercedes Benz NAG-2 fluids are specified, Red Line D6 ATF satisfies the requirements for many of the latest automatic transmissions that require consistent, low-viscosity fluids that are shear-stable. It provides the best low-temperature shiftability in automatic and manual transmissions which require ATFs. Also satisfies API 70W/75W GL-4 gear requirements
  • Most shear stable for consistent operation
  • Excellent low-temperature shiftability

  • Red Line Oil Automatic Transmission Fluid D6 ATF

    Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • D6 ATF
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    C+ ATF: Satisfies the performance requirements of Chrysler Types 7176 and ATF+4 (Type 9602), while providing 30% greater operating viscosity, 1/3 the evaporation of petroleum ATFs, and improved oxidation and sludge protection.
    Red Line C+ ATF provides the exact frictional characteristics required in the Type 7176 specification, providing proper shift feel and proper lockup torque converter operation. The improved wear protection makes C+ ATF the perfect automatic transmission or transaxle fluid for Chrysler vehicles.

    High-Temp ATF: Perfect for heavily-loaded vehicles like motor homes and towing applications due to its higher viscosity than our D4 ATF. This is a synthetic ATF for use where Dexron III or Mercon is recommended.
    This product provides the gear protection of a GL-4 gear oil in an ATF and provides a higher viscosity at higher operating temperatures, allowing the transmission to operate at 70°F higher temperature and still provide the optimal shiftability and improved torque converter efficiency.

    Racing ATF: Synthetic ATF for automatic and manual transmissions which need the positive shift of a TYPE-F ATF. This ATF contains no slipperiness additives, producing faster shifts and quicker lockup. A higher viscosity at high temps provide greater efficiency and provides better wear protection than other ATFs.