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AGR Performance 715573 - AGR Rack & Pinion

AGR Performance 715573 - AGR Rack & Pinion

AGR Performance#012-715573

Mustang Rack & Pinion Unit
  • 1994-04 Cobra R
  • Heavy Valve
  • 15:1 Ratio

    AGR Performance 715573 - AGR Rack & Pinion Details

    Mustang Rack & Pinion Units

    Pinion Valve Tech: Most factory Mustangs had rather small pinion valve torsion bars from the factory ranging from .195 to a rare .215. Our normal Firm Pinion Valve rack features a .230 torsion bar and is quite a step up in road feel and will give you a modern sports car feel. If you want a really heavy feel the AGR Cobra R Rack utilizes a .245 torsion bar resulting in Heavy Pinion valving in a "bolt in" mustang rack. The torsion bar in the pinion valve controls the flow of hydraulic assist. It is a type of spring, as with all springs both ends must be held in order for it to engage. The thickness of the spring shank determines how much force must be applied to open as well as how much it opens. Essentially one end is connected to the pinion gear which is in turn connected through the rack shaft to your tires. The other end is connected through your steering shaft to the steering wheel. In review the torsion bar senses the input at the steering wheel versus the load on the tires and delivers the hydraulic assist. A light torsion bar will open easily and quickly resulting in twitchy steering especially at highway speeds and above. A heavy bar will be more of a gradual, controlled opening letting the driver feel the road and the road feel the driver.

    AGR Performance 715573 - AGR Rack & Pinion

    Originally built for SCCA Trans-Am racing, AGR Rack and Pinions for late model Mustangs and Street Rod applications are made using higher quality housings than early versions. They are built with modified spool valves, larger high performance pinion bearings and seals and AGR proprietary modifications for precise steering and handling. These are true Hot Rod racks with fine tuned handling. Street Rod versions are available with 15-1/2" center-to-center mounts and steel sleeved urethane bushings for most K-members and kits. All come with new boots and tie-rods.

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