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ATI 918873E

Small Block Chevy Supercharger Super Damper 7.074" OD

ATI 918873E

Part Number: 085-918873E

Small Block Chevy Supercharger Super Damper
  • 7.074'' OD
  • Steel Shell
  • Steel Crankshaft Hub
  • Internal Balance
  • 3-Ring
  • $392.99

    from Manufacturer
    Made In USA
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    ATI 918873E Small Block Chevy Supercharger Super Damper 7.074" OD $392.99

    ATI 918873E Details


    Note: Use hub part 085-916134. The BB and SB Chevy with 1.600'' nose both use a unique 2-piece hub that allows the stock length bolt to hold the damper to the crank and a separate extension to locate the blower pulley and crank trigger. For equally spaced OEM holes and ignition trigger, use part 085-916134A.


    Mounting Hardware Included
    Engine Balance
    Degree Markings
    Safety Rating
    SFI 18.1
    Harmonic Balancer Construction
    Harmonic Balancer Finish
    Black zinc chromate
    Harmonic Balancer Material
    Sold individually
    Outside Diameter (in.)
    Degree Marking Range
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    The ATI Supercharger Super Damper places the same powerful protection of the Super Damper inside the crankshaft blower pulley! Why bother with an additional blower pulley that bolts to your stock harmonic balancer? The ATI Supercharger Super Damper features external belt drives for virtually any type of blower belt, and eliminates the need for separate crank mounted blower pulleys.

    Crank hubs are available for all engines and are available with 25 tooth x 20mm 8mm HTD drive pulleys machined in the hub for dry sump or fuel pump drives between the damper / blower pulley and the engine.

    All hubs have dual keyways and are available in custom lengths for all cam belt drive set-ups from Jesel, Danny B, and Comp Cams. Numerous pulley offsets are available to keep the blower drive as close to the engine as possible to reduce the bending moment to the crankshaft nose. SFI-certified.

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