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Accel 8842 - Accel 8.8mm Ignition Wires

Accel 8842 - Accel 8.8mm Ignition Wires
Accel 8842 - Accel 8.8mm Ignition Wires

JEGS Part Number: 110-8842

8.8mm Ignition Wires
  • 1955-74 Chevy/GMC
  • Small Block V8 with Points
  • Wires Below Manifold

    Accel 8842 Details

    Custom Fit Spiral Core

  • 8.8mm Graphite Suppression
  • Silicone Spark Plug Boots
  • 550° Double Silicone Construction
  • Fiberglass Braid
  • Carbon/Graphite Core
  • Magnetic Suppression
  • Fiberglass/Kevlar Core
  • 500 ohms Resistance

  • Accel 8.8mm Ignition Wires

    Consistent Performance for Countless Applications

    All Accel 8.8mm spark plug wires wires are wrapped in a thick double silicone jacket to protect against current leakage, oil, and solvent damage. Boots are extra heavy to prevent cross fire and burn-through.
    • Stainless Conductor
      Accel's race-only wires feature silver-plated copper and stainless steel strand cores

    • Graphite RFI Suppression
      A graphite-impregnated wire conductor ensures hiss-free radio operation

    • Spiral Core RFI Suppression
      The performance of a metal core wire with the noise-free operation of a graphite core

    Accel 8842

    Universal 8 Cylinder
    Boot Type
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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