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Aeromotive 18686 - Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tanks

Aeromotive 18686 - Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tanks


Stealth Fuel Tank
  • 1986-98.5 Mustang
  • With Eliminator Fuel Pump
  • 73-10 Ohm Fuel Level Sending Unit
  • Stainless Steel Pre Filter
  • (1) ORB-08 Outlet Port & (1) ORB-08 Return Port
  • Return style system
  • 15.4 Gallon Capacity

    Aeromotive 18686 - Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tanks

    No more waiting, no more rumors... Stealth-style tanks for muscle cars are here.

    Aeromotive new tanks feature a pre-installed in-tank fuel Pumps and complete in-tank performance baffling. This revolutionary new product makes Classic EFI conversions and late model EFI engine swaps a snap.

    Engine swaps and aftermarket conversions are becoming incredibly popular. Aeromotive has taken a huge bite out of the cost and complexity necessary to bring your muscle car up to date. Just strap the fuel tank up as a direct replacement for the original tank, hook up your wires, a fuel supply and return line, and your done. Forget welding, hacking, crazy expensive custom tanks and all that extra plumbing. With the purchase of one part number you get a powdercoated, stock appearing steel fuel tank, complete with fuel level sending unit, Fuel Pump, pre-pump filter and a billet aluminum, black anodized hanger assembly complete with (3) ORB-06 ports; (1) Outlet, (1) Return, (1) Vent. All this comes preassembled and flow/pressure tested from Aeromotive.

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