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B&M 70419 - B&M Holeshot Converters

B&M 70419 - B&M Holeshot Converters


Holeshot 2400 Converter
  • GM 1984-93 TH700-R4 V8 (30-Spline)
  • GM 1993-96 4L60E V8 (30-Spline)

    B&M 70419 - B&M Holeshot Converters Details

    Holeshot 2400 Converters

  • GM

      For 1984-93 TH700-R4

  • This converter does not fit 4-cylinder or V6 (except 4.3L V6) applications
  • V8s only retain lock-up feature (can be run as lock-up or non lock-up)

    For 1993-96 4L60E
    Retains lock-up feature

  • B&M 70419 - B&M Holeshot Converters

    B&M Holeshot Converters feature a furnace-brazed impeller and turbine, new turbine hub, new alloy steel pump drive tube, new heavy-duty needle bearing between stator and turbine (not a thrust washer), new springs and rollers in stator, and dual pattern drive lugs on some GM torque converters. Holeshots, which are also available in a Nitrous Series, are generally good for street machines that crave better launch capability and more tractability and street rods with modified engines. They are not for transbrake applications.

    RPM ranges for B&M Holeshot Converters:
  • Holeshot 2000 1900-2100 RPM
  • Holeshot 2400 2300-2500 RPM
  • Holeshot 3000 2800-3200 RPM
  • Holeshot 3600 3400-3800 RPM

    Choosing a B&M Torque Converter

    Stall Speed Very mild street cars use a 2000 RPM stall speed unit. Most street-driven performance cars with 350 foot pounds of torque or more need a 2400 RPM unit. Cars with more radical small blocks (500 foot pounds of torque at 4500 RPM or higher) require a 3000 RPM converter. The more torque a motor puts out, the higher the resulting stall speed. Therefore most street performance big blocks would still use a 2400 RPM converter because they generally achieve 2600-2800 RPM. An engine smaller than 350ci might not achieve such stall speeds, which are based on an engine producing 230 foot pounds of torque at 2500 RPM.

    A Holeshot Converter's higher-than-stock stall speed is beneficial to vehicles with modified engines. Big cam modifications, for example, tend to reduce low end power and torque so using a high-stall converter allows an engine to launch a car at a higher RPM where more torque is available.

  • B&M 130-70419

    Trans Year
    Trans Year
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    Trans Year
    Stall Speed (RPM)
    Trans Model
    GM- TH700 R4 (Auto)4 Speed
    Trans Model
    GM- 4L60E (Auto)4 Speed
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