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BF Goodrich 39339 - BF Goodrich G-Force Super Sport A/S Tires

BF Goodrich 39339 - BF Goodrich G-Force Super Sport A/S Tires
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JEGS Part Number: 131-39339

g-Force Super Sport A/S Tire
  • 215/50R17
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    BF Goodrich 39339 - BF Goodrich G-Force Super Sport A/S Tires Details

    17" Wheel Diameter

    Tire Section Width on
    Measuring Wheel Width*:
    8.9" on 7"
    Tire Overall Diameter: 25.5"
    Tire Tread Depth
    Wheel Diameter: 17"
    Wheel Width:
    6" - 7.5"
    Revolutions per Mile
    at 45-MPH:
    Max Load (lbs@psi): 1356@51

    *NOTE: Section width varies approximately 0.2'' (5mm) for every 0.5'' change in wheel width.

    BF Goodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S Tires are ultra high-performance all-season tires developed for sporty coupes, performance sedans, and sports cars. They provide excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions to deliver a thrilling driving experience year-round. These tires utilize Multi-Grip Tread Technology, which positions three unique tread compounds side-by-side across the tire. The compounds are molded into an aggressive tread pattern with three zones featuring deep, wide vertical grooves and a continuous center rib for handling. Radically swept-back Aqua Chute lateral grooves attack wet conditions while Snow Hook tread blocks grip effectively in winter weather.

    The tire's internal structure consists of twin steel belts reinforced by BF Goodrich's Precision Tension Containment System (PRETEC) that places a spiral-wrapped, single-strand aramid layer under the tread to create the desired strength while maintaining a consistent footprint at high speed. The g-Force Super Sport A/S Tire has dimensionally stable polyester casing with g-Control sidewall inserts to blend ride comfort and responsive handling; sidewall rim protectors extend just past most wheel edges to prevent curb damage.

    Performance that Never Skips a Day
    Dry-weather compound in the outer shoulder supported by a stiff sub-tread layer generates amazing cornering force for unmatched handling

    Excellent On-Center Road Feel & Straight-Line Stability
    Continuous center rib with rigid tapered lateral voids and tread block reinforcement

    Tenacious Grip in Dry, Wet, and Light Snow
    Anti-hydroplaning Aqua Chute channels improve water evacuation and Snow Hook tread blocks offer true year-round control

    PRETEC System™ (PRecision TEnsion Containment)
    Precise use of aramid fiber directly under the tread provides excellent strength and a consistent footprint with maximized tread contact area

    BF Goodrich 131-39339

    Aspect Ratio
    Wheel Diameter
    Section Width
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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