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Braille Battery 201 - Braille Battery Accessories

Braille Battery 201 - Braille Battery Accessories
Braille Battery 201 - Braille Battery Accessories

JEGS Part Number: 147-201

Side Post Terminal Adapters
  • Sold as Pair
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    Braille Battery 201 Details

    Side Post Terminal Adapters

    Do you have a vehicle that uses a side mount battery? If so, you will need these adaptors to make installation of the Braille Racing Battery simple.

    Sold as a complete pair, these adaptors allow the factory connections to be screwed into the adaptors, which slide over the Braille Racing Battery Posts.

    Braille Battery Accessories

    Side Post Terminal Adapters: These adaptors allow the full line of Braille Batteries to be used with vehicles that requre side post bolt style connections. These simply clamp around the lightweight SAE Braille Battery Posts that are included with every Braille Battery, Side Post Adaptors for GM, Ford and other vehicles.

    Battery Terminal Covers: These Lightweight Terminal Covers are color coded for easy identification of a batteries polarity. These are required by all racing sanctioning bodies and are highly recommended to be installed onto any battery in any vehicle. Why damage your vehicles electrical system from a short circuit that could have been prevented? Fits many applications!

    Braille Battery 201

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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