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Davies Craig DC-8060

EWP150 Electric Water Pump Kit Aluminum Housing 12V

Davies Craig DC-8060


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Davies Craig DC-8060 EWP150 Electric Water Pump Kit Aluminum Housing 12V $255.72
EWP150 Electric Water Pump Kit
  • Aluminum Housing
  • -16 AN Internal Threads
  • 39.6 Gallon Per Minute Flow Rate
  • 12-Volt

  • Davies Craig DC-8060 Details

    12-Volt Motor

    The revolutionary Davies, Craig EWP150 Electric Water Pump is now available in light weight aluminium. Designed with the high-performance pro, sprint, tarmac, circuit and drag racer in mind this rugged Alloy electric water pump has AN-16 internal threads at inlet and outlet for neat, tight, dash fitting applications.




    EWP150 Alloy 12 Volt Pump1
    Wire Harness1
    Sleeve 3mm (1/8") rubber adaptors2
    Hose Clamps2
    Assorted Hardware Bag includes 12-Volt Relay #05331

    This high capacity EWP150 flows 40 US Gal/Min and designed to replace and/or complement the existing belt driven mechanical water pump. The major benefits of the EWP150 are minimizing the parasitic power losses running a mechanical water pump at high speed when not needed. Maximizing engine warm-up & minimizing the effects of heat soak by operating the EWP150 after engine shut down.

    The EWP150 has the advantage of offering more consistent coolant flow independent of the engine revs. The fitment of the EWP & Fan Digital Controller to your engine, which is scientifically calibrated to manage the volume/flow of engine coolant with the corresponding increase in coolant temperature within the engine’s cooling system.

    This rugged alloy hi-flow electric water pump is designed to complement or replace the engine's existing mechanical water pump. This essential performance product increases power to your vehicle’s drive wheels and improves coolant temperature control. By removing the parasitic power losses of belt-driven water pumps, the EWP150 releases up to 13hp (10kW) of extra power, increased torque and fuel savings.

    Combined with an LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller (Sold separately p/n 317-DC-8001) will manage both the EWP and Thermatic fan operation. The Digital Controller will vary the speed of the EWP in response to the engine's coolant temperature. Multiple temperature settings are provided on the Controller for either maximum power or fuel efficiency. The Thermatic Fan(s) will be activated automatically once the engine coolant rises 5.4°F (3°C) above the targeted (set) temperature. The Digital Controller will automatically run on for three minutes (or to 14°F / 10°C below the set temperature) after engine shut down, eliminating ‘heat soak’ and extending engine life. The EWP150 Digital Controller Combo is supplied in a do-it-yourself kit with everything you need for fitment to your vehicle's engine, including an easy-to-follow DIY instruction booklet.


    • Lightweight, Aluminum Housing
    • Universal Fit
    • More Power
    • More Cooling
    • Increase Fuel Efficiency


    The mechanical water pump is one of the last mechanical components of the modern engine which has long been considered an inefficient component that was designed as an accessory from the very first engines. A mechanical belt driven pump installed on your car engines runs at the same speed as the engine regardless of how hot the engine is. Example: when traveling at high speeds down the freeway, the engine require less cooling as ram air is naturally cooling the engine however, the engine speed is high as is the mechanical water pump thus providing excessive cooling whilst draining the engine of power. Then in heavy traffic in high ambient, the engine is idling or slow and so is the belt driven mechanical pump, even though in this condition, extra coolant flow is required to cool the engine.

    With an LCD EWP Controller, the speed of the pump is managed by the controller, which varies the supply voltage to the pump and so varies the speed of the pump, hunting for a target temperature. When the engine reaches the target temperature the controller locks on, constantly changing the pump speed with traffic and throttle conditions, maintaining the target temperature independent of the engine speed.

    The important improvement for your vehicle comes from the fact that most of the power the mechanical pump takes from the engine can be reclaimed with the use of an EWP hence the fuel savings. By removing the parasitic power losses of belt-driven water pumps, the EWP may provide up to 10kw of extra power and additional fuel savings. The engine power used by the mechanical pump increases as the cube of its speed – so when the mechanical pump speed doubles from idle speed say; 600 rpm to 1200 rpm, the power it takes increases by eight times. Then another eight times going to 2400 rpm, and so on up to maximum engine speed. It is this extra power and torque that is released by deleting the mechanical pump that provides the fuel savings that is estimated to be 3.5% to 10%.

    Major European Manufacturers have implemented EWP's as standard issue on a number of their vehicles, it has been documented to show that and EWP uses 90% less energy than conventional systems, i.e.: the mechanical water pump. Other advantages will include lower emissions by virtue of faster engine warm up, better engine temperature management, eliminating engine heat soak and improved engine life.

    Weight reduction is a key requirement of any automotive manufacturer seeking fuel savings and our EWP will weight around 900 grams up to 1,151 grams (dependent on EWP Type) compared to a typical mechanical pump at 3 to 4 kg. Not only is their EWP considerably lighter when matched against the mechanical pump but it would also be replacing several outdated components with one environmentally friendly product which once again helps improve performance and fuel consumption.

    Click Here to See Electric Water Pump Application Guide

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