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Dedenbear TS6B - Dedenbear Disk Throttle Stop

Dedenbear TS6B - Dedenbear Disk Throttle Stop


Throttle Stop Disc Kit
  • Holley 1250 HP Dominator w/ 2-1/8'' Bore

    Dedenbear TS6B - Dedenbear Disk Throttle Stop


    Mounts underneath a Dominator® carb and when in the open position, there is absolutely no restriction to the airflow! When in the closed position, the airflow openings are on the middle of the carb bores. This is the ideal location for controlling the air/fuel flow for maximum repeatability. This corrects problems common to cars that spin the tires when the throttle stop opens and closes. For cars with severe tire spin, an adjustable bolt-on second stage kit is available that allows the stop to be opened and closed in a two stage process. Finely polished components provide silky smooth movements and precise positioning of the airflow discs. Only 1-1/2'' tall, it clears most scoops. Each Dedenbear Disk Throttle Stop comes complete with the stop itself, the CO2 solenoid valve, air lines, necessary fittings and a full set of instructions.

    Pictured: #302-TS6 Throttle Stop.
    View: #302-TS6SSK, Second Stage Kit.

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