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Edelbrock 3604 - Edelbrock E-Street EFI Systems

Edelbrock 3604 - Edelbrock E-Street EFI Systems


E-Street High Pressure EFI Fuel System
  • Return-Style Fuel Kit

    Edelbrock 3604 - Edelbrock E-Street EFI Systems Details

    E-Street High Pressure Electronic Fuel Injection Fuel Systems

    Kit Details:
    The Return-Style Fuel Kit includes everything needed to upgrade a carbureted fuel system to a high pressure EFI system, excluding the fuel tank. This kit is a return-style and will complete the fuel system loop by returning unused fuel to the tank. Kit includes a 57 GPH (215 liter/hr) fuel pump, adjustable regulator, filter, Russell Twist-Lok hose, hose ends, mounting brackets and hardware. A baffled fuel tank is recommend to prevent fuel starvation. This system is rated for engines up to 600 HP, when used with an E-Street EFI system.

    Who should use this system?
    Any vehicle that is capable of mounting a fuel pump in a location lower than the fuel tank. Must have a gravity fed path from the fuel tank to the fuel pump. Performs well in all weather conditions.

    Features & Benefits:
  • Supports up to 600 HP
  • Fuel pressure can be adjusted for optimum performance
  • Higher horsepower capacity than returnless system
  • Includes a return line to eliminate the potential for fuel vapor lock

  • Will not work for 600+ HP engines
  • Unbaffled tanks may exhibit fuel starvation, due to sloshing at low fuel levels
  • Requires a return fitting to be installed in the fuel tank
  • Requires Harness 350-36054 when installing with E-Street EFI system #3600

    Installation Diagram:

  • Edelbrock 3604 - Edelbrock E-Street EFI Systems

    Ready to Run Universal Throttle Body Electronic Fuel Injection!

    Upgrade your carburetor to a more modern Electronic Fuel Injection system that allows complete control and adjustability without the time and hassle necessary for a complete multi-point engine management system. Edelbrock's E-Street EFI system provides excellent fuel economy and performance potential while keeping the installation process very simple.

    What Is The E-Street EFI System?
    The Edelbrock E-Street EFI is an all new universal throttle body style fuel injection system that supports up to 600 horsepower!. It's ideal for any V8 engine originally equipped with a carburetor and intake manifold with a square-bore 4150 style flange. E-Street EFI System features an easy to use software pre-installed on the supplied touch screen tablet. This software allows the user to fine tune, make adjustments and monitor system performance without the need of a laptop PC. E-Street EFI offers you the most value for your dollar along with out-of-the-box performance from a name you can trust... Edelbrock!

    Throttle Body fits any square bore 4150-style intake manifold. Includes an easy-to-use 7'' touch screen tablet for quick tuning.

    Features Include:
  • Ready to run right out of the box with a pre-loaded tune in the ECU to get you up and running quickly.
  • Wide Band O2 Sensor Included - Offers highly accurate monitoring in the 10 - 20 AFR range.
  • Dynamic Fuel Control - No tuning experience required. System provides self-mapping fuel curve to correct and dial in your tune.
  • Fully assembled and pressure tested throttle body with injectors, fuel rails, linkage and sensors that readily accepts round air cleaners for a traditional look.
  • Features progressive throttle linkage for great drivability and increased mileage potential.
  • Includes a fully assembled OEM quality wiring harness with pre-terminated connectors for an easy installation
  • Easy to use software pre-installed on the supplied 7'' touch screen tablet which also features - Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity between the ECU and the tablet. The tablet includes an Android operating system for added functionality with downloadable applications and future upgrades.
  • Create, modify and save unlimited tunes.
  • Installation instructions are included on the tablet.
  • Capable of controlling electric radiator fan(s) and A/C relays.
  • Includes pre-programmed dashboards for monitoring system performance.
  • Full feature software is simple to use for novice users, but also capable of complete control of all parameters for experienced EFI tuners.
  • System will automatically adjust for future engine upgrades.
  • Designed to perform under any and all weather and altitude conditions.
  • Designed, Cast, Machined and Assembled In The USA

  • Edelbrock 350-3604

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    Cylinder Head Type
    Engine Make/Size
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