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Edelbrock 71900 - Edelbrock Nitrous Controller

Edelbrock 71900 - Edelbrock Nitrous Controller


Progressive Nitrous Controller

Edelbrock 71900 - Edelbrock Nitrous Controller Details

  • Intelligent Nitrous Progressive Timer
  • Compact Design
  • Easy To Mount
  • Complete w/Wiring Harness And Instruction Manual
  • Nitrous Starting/Final Percentage
  • Full Digital Circuitry
  • Easy To Read LED Display
  • Single Or Dual Ramp Feature

  • Edelbrock 71900 - Edelbrock Nitrous Controller

    The Edelbrock Nitrous Controller offers complete control over your nitrous system in a powerful yet compact package. The system utilizes pulse width modulation to regulate the amount of Nitrous being delivered over a specified period of time to the Nitrous and Fuel solenoids. The digital display is easy to read and extremely precise, while the Touch Switch programming is exceptionally user-friendly. You have the ability to choose and individually program the nitrous parameters that you need in order to optimize traction, control your chassis and ramp up your nitrous system safely. The end result leads to quicker ET(s) and lessens the risk of engine and chassis abuse. Great for Automotive and Motorcycle applications.

    Features Include:

  • Full Digital Circuitry - Offering precision control that analog systems can't match
  • Easy to read LED Display - Touch switch programming for simplicity
  • Integrated Battery Voltage Monitor - Periodically displays battery voltage
  • Non-Volatile Data Memory - No battery or power required to retain your settings due to a sophisticated flash program memory
  • Separate Nitrous and Fuel Solenoid Outputs -
  • Allows for more current capability and better overall solenoid control
  • +12-Volt Timer Output - Provides activation control over an ignition retard controller or a second stage of nitrous
  • Nitrous Delay Timer - Programmable from .200 - 9.900 seconds
  • Nitrous Starting Percentage - Control the initial
  • Nitrous hit from 10% to 100%
  • Final Nitrous Percentage - Control your final
  • Nitrous delivery percentage from 10% to 100%
  • Nitrous Power Ramp Build Time - Effectively time how quickly you want to Ramp your Nitrous system from the Starting to Final Percentage .200 - 9.900 seconds
  • Single or Dual Ramp Feature - Allows the option of stair-stepping the Nitrous build time and percentage to effectively control a single stage nitrous system in two levels [Example: you can bring on a small power increase for 2-seconds and then ramp to full power very rapidly]
  • Intelligent Nitrous Progressive Timer - Monitors activation input and can be configured to hold and wait or reset with gear changes
  • Complete With Wiring Harness and Instruction Manual
  • Compact in Design - Easy to mount in Automotive and Motorcycle applications

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