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Edelbrock 911570

Pro-Flo XT Plus Upgrade

Edelbrock 911570
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Part Number: 350-911570

Pro-Flo XT Plus Upgrade
Ships 10/11/16
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Made In USA
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Edelbrock 911570 Pro-Flo XT Plus Upgrade $645.49

Edelbrock 911570 Details

  • Engine Control Unit

  • Specifications:

    PROM Installation or Computer Flash Required
    Sold individually
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    Edelbrock Pro Flo XT Plus is an upgrade to existing Pro-Flo 2 and Pro-Flo XT systems. It is the next step in Edelbrock Electronic Fuel Injection offering dynamic Engine Management for late-model engine swaps, high-performance use or sportsman racing applications ready to take fuel injection performance to a new level.

    Features include the compact ECU with harness, fully-sequential injection (8-Cyl.), real-time tuning, dual-calibrations that can be switched on-the-fly, electronic boost control, four-stage nitrous control, on-board data logging and choice of speed density (Map-N) or speed throttle (Alpha-N) tuning methods. This tuning flexibility enables Pro-Flo XT Plus users the ability to properly tune any engine combination.

    The Pro Flo XT Plus ECU is manufactured in conjunction with EFI Technology Inc., a world leader in advanced engine management systems. This powerful, yet compact ECU is designed for maximum RF immunity and reliability. On-board data logging stores up to 1 Megabyte of data and logs at a rate of 1-100 samples per second (Hz). Windows based software allows user friendly laptop tuning of the spark and fuel maps in high resolution (20x40) cell configuration. Support is second to none and features Digital ''I-Link'' - real-time support that allows Edelbrock technicians to see what's going on with your system when connected to the internet.

    Pro Flo 2 & XT systems can be upgraded at time of purchase by specifying you wish to have the ECU upgraded to XT Plus with part 911570.

    Pro Flo XT Plus is an advanced ECU with extensive features and basic calibrations provided. It is recommended for people experienced with EFI or professional dyno tuning shops and not recommended for first time EFI users.

    Kits include Engine control unit (ECU) and software. Edelbrock Pro Flo XT Plus is an upgrade to existing Pro-Flo 2 and Pro-Flo XT systems and also available as a stand alone engine management system. Edelbrock induction kits are available separately and include EFI intake manifold, throttle body and fuel rail kit. Injectors sold separately - must match injectors to meet your HP needs.

    Pro Flo XT Plus Features Include:
  • Supports only high impedance injectors
  • Fully Sequential injector firing (8-Cyl.)
  • Closed loop fuel control
      - Narrow or Wide band
  • On board data logging
      - 1 megabyte of logger memory
      - 1-100 samples per second (Hz)
      - Selectable per channel
  • 4-stages of dry or wet nitrous control
  • Electronic boost control (PWM)
  • ''Real Time'' tuning - allows for laptop tuning on the fly
  • High resolution spark and fuel maps (20 x 40 cells)
  • Dual, switchable on-the-fly calibrations
  • Designed for immunity from RF interference
  • Two tuning methods to choose from:
      - Speed Density (Map-N) - references engine RPM and MAP (manifold absolute pressure)
      - Speed Throttle (Alpha-N) - references engine RPM and throttle position
  • Windows based software for user-friendly laptop tuning
  • Available OEM grade two-piece harness (engine/chassis) for an easy installation
  • Digital ''I-Link'' tech support - allows Edelbrock technicians to see your system when connected to the internet
  • Hall effect and Variable Reluctance magnetic cam/crank inputs compatible with crank trigger systems and EFI cam sync distributers
  • Engine Control Unit
      - Lightweight: .95 pounds
      - Compact Size: 4.25'' x 4.75'' x 1.75''

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