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Gibson 55112S - Gibson Superflow Oval Body Mufflers

Gibson 55112S - Gibson Superflow Oval Body Mufflers
Gibson 55112S - Gibson Superflow Oval Body Mufflers

JEGS Part Number: 462-55112S

Superflow Muffler
  • Stainless Steel
  • 2.5'' Center Inlet
  • 2.5" Center Outlet
  • 4'' x 9'' x 13" Oval Body
  • 19'' Overall Length

    Gibson 55112S Details


  • Fully Welded Stainless Steel Construction
  • Louvered and Chambered Design
  • Maximum Exhaust Flow
  • Increased Power
  • Better Volume Efficiency
  • Unrestricted Flow
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Gibson Superflow Oval Body Mufflers

    The Superflow Difference

    The Gibson Superflow Muffler is an exhaust system capable of not only delivering optimum performance and powerful sound, but a system that continues to produce expected results after miles on the road. Many muffler products on the market today are manufactured utilizing packing material or thin baffles placed inside the muffler casing. While some of these mufflers sound good when new, after moderate use packing begins to loose density and baffles become brittle. Over time as these internal elements disintegrate increased resonance may be heard inside the vehicle and a weakened exhaust sound heard on the street.

    Convergent Flow Technology - CFT

    Gibson Convergent Flow Technology utilizes a design based on a solid internal angular induction chamber that pressurizes the flow of exhaust at the entry point before pushing it through a series of integrated tuning ports. This ''Push Through'' engineering creates a rapid venturi vacuum effect on the converging flow of gases efficiently producing more power than a regular pull through muffler design. Gibson CFT Technology is proven to not only optimize exhaust flow but increase horsepower, increase fuel efficiency and provide a unique and powerful sounding exhaust tone for today's cars and trucks.

    Whether on or off road, the unique convergent flow design and solid construction of the Gibson system delivers more for your money when compared to other mufflers on the market.

    Tuned By Gibson

    Pure sounding exhaust tone comes only from a quality engineered internal design. The Angular Induction system engineered into the Superflow muffler is the key to the unique Gibson sound and the foundation of our Convergent Flow Technology. A series of integrated Tuning Ports are stamped evenly on all sides of the chamber during manufacturing. These ports act as tuning instruments filtering unwanted noise as the high velocity gas flows through the angled convergent chamber. The end result is emission of pure sound and the deep exhaust tone Gibson systems are known for.

  • Powerful Exhaust Tone
  • Gibson Convergent Flow Technology
  • No-Packing Muffler Design Guarantees Maximum Performance
  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Gibson 55112S

    Body Length (in.)
    Overall Length (in.)
    Inlet Size (in.)
    Outlet Size (in.)
    Body Height (in.)
    Body Width (in.)
    Inlet Type
    Single Center Inlet
    Outlet Type
    Single Center Outlet
    Stainless Steel
    Outlet Position
    Inlet Position
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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