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JET Performance 15008 - JET Performance Programmers

JET Performance 15008 - JET Performance Programmers

JET Performance#561-15008

GM Performance Programmer
  • GM Ford Car/Truck/SUV
    • Fits Applications:
    • 2007-2011
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    JET Performance 15008 - JET Performance Programmers Details


  • Modifies Fuel And Ignition
  • Raise Rev Limiter
  • Modify Shift Points
  • Check And Clear Trouble Codes
  • Bypass Computer Aided Gear Selector In Man. Trans.
  • User Friendly Programming Procedure
  • Available For Most GM Gas And Diesel Applications

  • JET Performance 15008 - JET Performance Programmers

    Take The Next Step In JET Performance Tuning

    JET's exclusive Tri-Power design tunes based on octane level (regular fuel or midgrade & premium fuel for optimum gains). All modes operate an engine at peak efficiency based on the octane to improve horsepower and mileage. On some models with altered tire size and/or gear ratio, programmers correct the speedometer and shut off the ABS trouble light.

    More Jet Performance Shared Features
  • User-friendly programming
  • Increase power and torque with the touch of a button
  • Modify:
    Air/fuel ratio
    Ignition timing
    Shift points and firmness
    Speed and rev limiters
    Electric fan turn-on temperature
  • Read and clear factory diagnostic trouble codes (check engine light)
  • Detailed instructions for trouble-free installation

    Additional Gasoline Programmer Feature
  • Built-in scan tool with live data monitoring of:
    Calculated load value
    Engine coolant temperature
    Short & long term fuel trim 1 and 2
    Manifold pressure (MAP)
    Engine RPM
    Vehicle speed
    Spark advance
    Inlet air temperature
    Throttle position
    Oxygen sensor bank 1 and 2
    Mass airflow value

    Additional GM Info
  • Gains of 130 HP and 205 ft/lbs TQ based on LLY diesel
  • Bypass computer-aided gear selector in manual transmissions

    Additional Ford Info
  • Gains of up to 100 HP and 168 ft/lbs TQ based on 7.3L diesel
  • Diesel programmer has 5 power levels from 30 to 100 HP

  • Programming options may vary on vehicle/application.
  • A JET Performance Programmer locks in to a vehicle's VIN and stores factory settings in its memory (to return to stock anytime). Program your vehicle as many times as you want, but the programmer cannot be used on more than one vehicle.
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