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JR Race Car#574-ZRK-7000

ZR4 Engine Kit
  • 3 1/2" Bore

    JR Race Car ZRK-7000 - JR RACE CAR ENGINES Details

    Engine Kits

    ZR4 3 1/2" complete engine kit, capable of going 7.90 with a 450-480 lb package at sea level.
    Kit components:

  • ZR4 Billet Block (sleeved, bored and honed)
  • ZR4 Billet head with o-ring stud kit
  • ZR4 Billet head gasket (0.015, 0.021, 0.027, 0.032, 0.042, 0.060)
  • ZR Billet side cover with hardware kit
  • ZR4 Billet breather with hardware kit
  • JRC 0.563 stroke Billet crankshaft with 1" journal
  • Hardened crank gear with key
  • Crank bearings
  • Crank seals
  • JRC 4.375" Billet connecting rod
  • JRC piston with rings, 0.590 wrist pin, and clips
  • ZR4 Billet camshaft (0.509" lift)
  • Cam bearings
  • 5/16" diameter lifters
  • Dual valve springs
  • Titanium intake and exhaust valves
  • Multi-angle valve job
  • Valve seats
  • Full length bronze valve guides
  • CNC ported intake and exhaust ports
  • 27" 3-stage coated header
  • Large port billet intake with hardware kit
  • 42mm Carb boot
  • 42mm Mikuni carburetor with velocity stack
  • JRC Billet carb top and lever arm
  • Air filter
  • 3? Billet adjustable coil bracket
  • JRC 3HP hot coil
  • JRC billet 3HP flywheel
  • Bosch spark plug
  • Grooved billet starter nut
  • Billet fuel pump bracket
  • Walbro fuel pump
  • 10' of fuel line
  • Fuel filter
  • Billet oil plug
  • Oil drain kit
  • Hardware Kit

  • JR Race Car ZRK-7000 - JR RACE CAR ENGINES

    JR Race Car has an engine for any level of Jr Drag Racing. From their 12.90 Raptor based motor all the way to their 3 3/4" bore Titan motor. Check out the information on each engine, you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Also available are engine kits for the crew chief who likes to do his own engines.

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