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K&N 100-8517 - K&N Carbon Fiber Pro-Stock Scoop

K&N 100-8517 - K&N Carbon Fiber Pro-Stock Scoop


Carbon Fiber Pro-Stock Scoop
Overall: 45''L x 18''W x 12''H
Opening: 58 Square Inch D-Shaped
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K&N 100-8517 - K&N Carbon Fiber Pro-Stock Scoop

Pro Stock is one of the most competitive classes in NHRA Drag Racing. During qualifying, it is common to see each driver's elapsed times (ET) separated by hundredths or even thousandths of a second. If a driver can find a competitive advantage and make his or her car quicker, it could make or break the next race.

This ultra strong and light carbon fiber scoop was designed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). K&N's new design provides an 18 pound decrease in drag. The new K&N scoop also produces more even air distribution inside the scoop, which helps naturally aspirated engines run better and produce more power. Less drag and better air distribution can result in quicker ET and faster speeds from the NHRA Pro Stock category.

In addition to Pro Stock, the scoop can also be used in Super Stock, Super Gas, Top Sportsman, and Pro Mod classes, as well as other racing applications where low drag and even air distribution are important.

  • Decreases drag by 18 pounds
  • Designed to distribute air more evenly inside the scoop
  • If it works in Pro Stock it's great for your car or truck

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