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Lunati 30340907 - Lunati Mechanical Series Camshafts

Lunati 30340907 - Lunati Mechanical Series Camshafts

JEGS Part Number: 638-30340907

Drag Race Solid Flat Tappet Cam
Ford 429-460
  • Lift: .603''/.609''
  • Duration: 305 Deg / 314 Deg
  • LSA: 110 Deg
  • RPM Range: 4000-7400

    Lunati 30340907 - Lunati Mechanical Series Camshafts Details

    Ford 429, 460 - Drag Race

    Good cam for Super Gas or bracket racing applications in a medium weight car. Needs 4500RPM stall converter, headers, 11:1 compression ratio or better and 4.30 gearing or better.

    Lunati Mechanical Series Camshafts are designed to fill the need for a particular application. These camshafts are computer designed to take advantage of maximum area under the curve without destroying valve train components.

    Bracket Master II: The best choice for high performance street machines and mild performance bracket racing applications. They provide excellent power over a broad power band and give that lopey idle that is so popular.

    Street/Strip: These cams produce excellent power in mild to higher performance street and strip applications when moderate engine modifications have been made with proper gearing.

    Drag Race: The Lunati Drag Race Cams are available for a wide range of racing applications from Sportsman to Pro. These camshafts produce unmatched torque for launching the vehicle off the starting line and maximum horsepower for a strong finish.

    Oval Track: This cam series from Lunati is designed to pull hard off the corner and have a broad powerband to accelerate down the straights. The right fit for pavement or dirt, these camshafts will give you the power and control that you need.

    Camshaft & Lifter Kits: Include Camshaft, Lifters, Assembly Lube, Decals, and Instructions.

    Complete Kits: Include Camshaft, Lifters, Timing Chain & Gears, Valve Springs, Retainers, Locks, Assembly Lube, Decals, and Instructions.

    Lunati 638-30340907

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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