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MSD Ignition 6530K - MSD 6-Series Ignition Control Boxes

Easy Kits MSD Ignition 6530K - MSD 6-Series Ignition Control Boxes
MSD Ignition 6530K - MSD 6-Series Ignition Control Boxes

JEGS Part Number: 121-6530K

6AL-2 Programmable Ignition Control Kit
  • Small Block Chevy
  • Big Block Chevy
  • 6AL-2 Programmable Ignition Box
  • Billet MSD Distributor
  • Blaster II Coil
  • Coil Bracket
  • Spark Plug Wires
  • Coil Wire

    MSD Ignition 6530K Details

    6-Series Programmable Ignition Controls

    Kit Includes:

  • MSD 6AL-2 Ignition Control
  • MSD Pro-Billet Distributor
  • MSD Blaster 2 Coil
  • MSD Cadmium-Plated Coil Mounting Bracket
  • MSD Red Universal 8.5mm Wire Set
  • MSD Coil Wire

    Following the introduction of the 6AL-2, there will also be a 21st century version - a laptop programmable 6AL!

    This advance ignition control provides street and performance cars to take advantage of tuning in an ignition curve or boost timing map from a PC. Also, using MSD's Pro-Data+ software will provide simple adjustments to the programmable rev limiter, step retard and more!

  • All new housing, digital circuits and performance
  • Three Programmable rev control limits
  • Higher output with up to 135mJ and 535 volts
  • Accepts Hall-effect, points and mag pickup triggers
  • Managed by an efficient digital controller

    These kits, put together by JEGS Professionals, 121-6530K includes MSD 6AL-2 Programmable Ignition Box, Billet MSD Distributer, Blaster II Coil, Coil Bracket, Spark Plug Wires and Coil Wire

  • MSD 6-Series Ignition Control Boxes

    MSD 6-Series Ignitions set the standard for quick starts, increased power, smooth idle, crisp throttle response and reduced spark plug fouling. MSD ignitions are available in a several styles and install easily in a variety of applications.

    Digital 6A: Base model with multiple sparking, capacitive discharge (CD) ignition control.
  • Hotter Spark for Improved Driveability
  • Without Rev Limiter - Can Not Be Added

    Digital 6AL: Digital 6AL or 6BTM Ignitions are made for spirited driving, grabbing gears or some form of racing.
  • Includes Adjustable Soft Touch Rev Control
  • Can Add a 2-Step Module Selector for Launch rpm Limit

    Digital 6AL-2: Ideal for the street and strip applications.
  • Includes Built-in 2-Step Rev Control

    Digital 6 Plus: Ideal for 4, 6 and 8-cylinder engine applications.
  • Includes Built-in Drag Race Features, 2-Step Rev Control, Single Stage Retard and Start Retard

    Programmable 6AL-2: Provides PC programming for the street.

    Extreme Duty 6ALN: For severe duty applications such as off-road truck racing or saturday night dirt tracks,
  • Sealed locking connectors and epoxy for vibration resistance create an ignition ready to take on the rigors of hard-core racing.

    Marine: All of the power and multiple sparks of an MSD, plus a rev limiter for Marine applications.
  • Includes sealed Weathertight connectors

    Professional Racing: Designed for professional long duration, high-rpm racing.
  • Features NASCAR mandated harnesses, a clear baseplate and vibration dampening silicone
  • Uses a special Coil (121-8250) & produces higher spark energy and voltage

    JEGS Easy Kits are designed by JEGS professionals to help you get all the performance parts you need.

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