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MSD Ignition 8992 - MSD Timing/Test Equipment

MSD Ignition 8992 - MSD Timing/Test Equipment

MSD Ignition#121-8992

Pro Timing Light
MSD® Rebate
Expires on August 31, 2014

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MSD Ignition 8992 - MSD Timing/Test Equipment Details

Timing Lights

MSD Timing Pro timing light is constructed with solid state circuitry and uses a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) that provides accurate and stable timing signals from 0 to 8,000 RPM. This timing light is built to work in rough environments, such as racing pits or professional mechanic shops. The MSD Timing Light's lightweight assembly is injection molded for great durability and produces an intense strobe that is easy to view even in daylight. The inductive pickup is detachable for easy storage and for safety measures while the battery clamps provide a strong grip to the terminals. The battery clamps are color-coded and insulated for tight, safe connections.

  • Detachable Leads
  • Secure pick-up
  • No retard as RPM Increases

  • MSD Ignition 8992 - MSD Timing/Test Equipment

    MSD makes some of the best Ignition products on the market. So who should you get your test and timing equipment from? Why, MSD of course! They have ignition testers for any type of triggering system and timing lights that will work off the car's power or self-powered. You make the choice, but no matter which you chose, MSD has the right one for your application.

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