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Moroso 17100 - Moroso Front Drag Tires

Moroso 17100 - Moroso Front Drag Tires
Moroso 17100 - Moroso Front Drag Tires

JEGS Part Number: 710-17100

Moroso Drag Special Front Drag Tire
  • 28.0'' x 7.1'' - 15''
      $172.99 Ships

    Moroso 17100 Details

    4.1'' Tread Width

    Tire Overall Diameter:27.7''
    Average Roll Out/
    Tire Tread Width:4.1''
    Wheel Diameter:15''
    Wheel Width:
    3.5'' - 5.0''
    Tire Weight:11.0 lbs
    Operating Pressure:
    30-35 psi

    Moroso Front Drag Tires

    Why waste valuable horsepower ''pushing'' a street tire down the track? Engineered specifically for racing, Moroso Drag Race Front Tires are ultra-light to reduce unsprung weight and rolling resistance. This is Moroso's original Drag Special Front Tire that features a unique tread design for greater high speed stability without requiring higher inflation pressures. Moroso tires will get you off the line and down the track faster than any other brand! And each tire is 100% inspected for defects -- even the slightest blemish causes the tire to be rejected.

  • Tubeless construction and 2-ply nylon cord helps to reduce unsprung weight.
  • High cord angle and unique tread design reduce rolling resistance for increased speeds.
  • Shallow tread depth increases stability at high speeds.
  • Stronger mounting bead withstands higher pressures when adjusting for roll-out.

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    Moroso 17100

    Wheel Diameter
    Section Width
    Aspect Ratio
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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    NOTE: NHRA TIRE CONTINGENCY RULE NHRA's contingency rule for the Professional Categories states that the ''vehicle must be equipped with all four tires bearing the same tire manufacturer's brand name'' to be eligible for contingency awards. Please note that this rule applies only to the Pro classes. All other classes can use Moroso DS-2 or Drag Special Front Tires and still be eligible for tire contingencies posted by any rear tire manufacturer.
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