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Moroso 22460 - Moroso Racing Oil Filters

Moroso 22460 - Moroso Racing Oil Filters


Racing Oil Filter
  • Chevy Style
  • 5.250" Tall
  • 13/16-16 UNF Thread
  • Burst Strength 350 PSI (max)
      $16.99 Ships

    Moroso 22460 - Moroso Racing Oil Filters Details

    Long design Chevy replacement filter. Replaces follow manufactures filters:

  • Fram PH13, TG13 and HP4 (410-HP4)
  • Motorcraft FL12
  • AC PF35
  • Purolator L30040
  • Wix 51061
  • GM 6438384, 6437946 and 6435679
  • Lee LF29 and LF29HP
  • Hastings LF24 and LF224
  • STP S-029

  • Moroso 22460 - Moroso Racing Oil Filters

    After many years of designing and testing racing oil systems and related components, Moroso has determined what's most important to oil filtration. Many oil filter manufactures stress the importance of filtering the smallest particles out of your engine's oil, with reference to "micron ratings" of 10 or less for a filter's efficiency.

    With the help of research performed by filtration technology experts, Moroso engineers have determined that particles smaller than 20 microns in diameter are not large enough to produce engine wear. Furthermore, Moroso has found that filters with extremely low micron ratings can create an excessive pressure drop across the filter. They can be so restrictive that the filter by-pass valve can open. With the by-bass valve open, unknown to you - NO FILTRATION will occur!

    To maximize filter performance, Moroso Racing Oil Filters have a rating of 27 microns, which produces a maximum initial restriction of only 2.5 psi when tested to SAE j806! The result is less pressure drop, more flow, less oil by-pass and maximum filtration performance important in severe racing conditions.

  • Roll Formed Threads Ensure Precise Pin-On Fit
  • Steel Back Plate Provides Added Protection Against Pressure Surges
  • Cured Resin Impregnated Element Removes Harmful Particles
  • Rolled Seam Housing Withstsnds Over 200 psi
  • Anti-Drainback Valve Keeps Oil in Filter After Engine Shut-Down

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