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Moroso 22912 - Moroso Windage Trays

Moroso 22912 - Moroso Windage Trays


Uni-Directional Windage Tray Screen
  • Size 23" x 16"
  • Universal Application

    Moroso 22912 - Moroso Windage Trays Details

    Universal Windage Tray

    These screens help to direct oil to the sump area without splashing back onto the rotating assembly. It keeps the rotating assembly free of unwanted oil that reduces horsepower robbing windage. The screens must be trimmed to fit each engine application. Available in uni-directional screen design.

  • Keep rotating assembly free from unwanted oil to reduce horsepower robbing windage
  • Must be trimmed for each engine application.

  • Moroso 22912 - Moroso Windage Trays

    Moroso's direct fit windage trays are louvered to reduce windage horsepower loss and to provide quicker drainback for oil thrown from crankshaft at high rpm. Fits most Moroso pans but may require trimming on some and to fit other brands.

  • Louvered design allows oil thrown from rotating assembly to drain into sump without splashing back
  • Improves drainage, reduces windage, increases power
  • Manufactured from 16-gauge steel

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