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Moroso 62192 - Moroso Degree Wheels

Moroso 62192 - Moroso Degree Wheels


Moroso 18" Dual Degree Pro Wheel

Moroso 62192 - Moroso Degree Wheels Details

  • Degreeing camshafts to find the intake centerline can be intimidating and confusing, especaill by part time and novice engine builders. But now it can be done with no math, and no calculations.
  • Outer wheel allows for more precise location of cam timing values, along with the reassurance that you have found the correct cam location when making adjustments.
  • Dual degree wheel includes all of the original features of the famous Moroso 18" wheel
  • Heavy gauge steel and silkscreen finish will ensure long lasting use in a shop enviorment.

  • Moroso 62192 - Moroso Degree Wheels

    Moroso's mandatory tool box addition for the professional engine builder. Accurately measures several timing functions of an engine: camshaft centerline, valve timing, top dead center, bottom dead center, etc. Marked in easy-to-read one degree increments. Made from heavy gauge metal for long-lasting use.

    For mounting degree wheels, use crankshaft sockets:
  • 710-61755 - Small Block Chevy
  • 710-61756 - Big Block Chevy
  • 710-61757 - GM LS-Series

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