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NGK Spark Plugs LFR4A-E

V-Power Resistor Spark Plug 14mm x 1.04" reach

Part Number: 739-LFR4A-E

V-Power Resistor Spark Plug
  • 14mm x 1.04" reach
  • 5/8" hex
  • Gasket seat
  • Projected
  • Solid terminal nut
  • 0.31" gap
  • $5.99
    Ships 11/04/16
    if Ordered Today
    NGK Spark Plugs LFR4A-E V-Power Resistor Spark Plug 14mm x 1.04" reach $5.99

    Modern, lean-burning, fuel-efficient engines call for new lower sparking voltage requirements. NGK Spark Plugs responded by developing V-Power Spark Plugs with V-groove center electrodes. The V-groove center electrode forces the spark to the ground electrode's outer edge, placing the spark closer to the air/fuel mixture to ignite it quicker for more complete combustion (thus greater power & less harmful emissions).

    Today's performance engines are often high-compression/high-stress: supercharged, turbocharged, or fed by nitrous oxide. Ideal for high-performance street and race cars, NGK's patented V-groove design allows an ignition system to spark easily in such dense air/fuel mixtures. The flame kernel grows rapidly and enables an engine to potentially make more power because it's operating more efficiently. As a bonus, the spark's outer edge location helps limit the quenching effect, reducing misfires caused by high cylinder pressures "blowing out" the spark. V-Power Spark Plugs also use lower ignition firing voltage, which results in faster starts and easier cold starts throughout the life of the plugs. Sold individually.

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