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Painless Performance Products 20114 - Painless Custom Wiring Harness

Painless Performance Products 20114 - Painless Custom Wiring Harness

Painless Performance Products#764-20114

GM Car Chassis Harness
  • 1978-81 Camaro (Gen II)
  • 26-Circuit Harness
    Painless Performance® $50 Rebate
    Expires on June 30, 2015

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    Painless Performance Products 20114 - Painless Custom Wiring Harness Details

    GM Car Chassis Harnesses

    26 circuits give you everything you need,plus more, for connecting standard factory components as well as components from the abundant aftermarket that has grown with the poplarity of these cars. These harnesses follow all of the same routing found on the factory harness which allows you to utilize the factory harness attachment points.

    Each harness has a large 6-gauge charge wire to help accommodate those with upgraded charging systems, like those doing late model EFI swaps which have large 125 amp alternators. The harness/alternator is isolated from the battery through a 150 amp MIDI fuse (fuse holder, fuse and mounting hardwar included). This means no fusible link to trace and re-splice if there is ever a major short in the system

    A fully integrated ground circuit ties all of the grounds in the harness together and directly to the battery to help do away with the "pain" of tracing a faulty ground connection. Grounds are also present on the core support, behind the gauge cluster and the tail harness, in the same locations the factory grounds were located.

    All exterior lights (turn signals, marker lights, headlights ect) have the correct sockets and bulbs pre-installed.You simply insert the socket into the lens, turn a 1/4 turn and done.

    Connectors for components such as the headlight switch, wiper switch, ignition switch, dimmer switch, wiper motor, among others, have the connectors and terminals pre-installed to make connections as easy as plugging it in. For those installing aftermarket gauges, to avoid having to trace, cut, and splice into a new harness there is even a connector provided with all of the requirements you would need: gauge power & ground, back light power & ground, tach signal, coolant temp, oil pressure, and fuel level.

    The best part is, these harnesses come with an in depth, easy to follow, 150-page manual (broken up into 3 parts: Engine, Interior, Tail) that outlines and follows an actual install step by step. Each wire is covered in extensive detail as to its color, gauge, information printed on the wire, its purpose in the harness, where the wire comes from and wher it's going. Numerous full color diagrams and pictures document each step of the install and also cover different alternatives to things such as connecting to an EFI harness, converting to an aftermarket ignition system, up grading to a newer alternator, installing aftermarket gauges, ect.

    Some factory installed options that would have no use in most installs have been omitted from these harnesses. Options that are not supported in these harnesses are: wiring for the TCS relay for turbo 400 transmissions, rear window defrost, power antenna, cruise control found on 1979-81 Camaros, and the computer controlled carburetor system found on 1980-81 Camaros. Factory A/C wiring is also not included, as this options seemed to almost to change year to year. These harnesses DO include the power wire for the A/C switch to make it as easy as plugging in you original A/C harness, an aftermarket reproduction harness, or an aftermarket A/C system. These harnesses DO include a new blower motor harness for those with heat only systems. Wiring for factory power window/locks is also NOT included but available as a separate part number. Painless part number 30715 is a factory style power window/power lock harness for these vehicles if a replacement harness for this option is needed. Like A/C wires, these chassis harnesses DO include the power wires for the power window/lock option making it another easy plug in to a factory power window/lock harness or the Painless Power Window/Lock Harness.

    Painless Performance Products 20114 - Painless Custom Wiring Harness

    Why use a Painless Wiring Harness to wire your vehicle?

    The Highest Quality Wire You Can Buy
    High-temperature TXL wire has twice the voltage rating of standard general purpose wire and withstands temperatures up to 275°. Plus it resists abrasions, doesn't kink, and routes with ease.

    Bulletproof OE-Style Fuse Block
    Modern blade-type fuses, labeled wiring harness circuits, and compact corrosion-resistant construction.

    Wiring Pre-Terminated to Fuse Block
    Each wire is preprinted with the application and GM color-coded.

    Superior Circuit Protection
    Protected with a 50 amp Maxi-Fuse. Unlike a fusible link that melts in the event of an electrical short, a Maxi-Fuse is a large bladed fuse designed for circuit protection in high-amperage, high-performance applications. Easy to install and replace.

    Everything You Need
    Nothing but the best is included: fuses, flashers, relay, tach leads, mounting brackets, terminal ends, wire ties, and grommets.

    Application Specific
    Ready to install with everything your vehicle needs. Just route it through your car, terminate where necessary, and plug it in.

    Guaranteed for life!

    Painless Performance Products 764-20114

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