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Painless Performance Products 30108

6-Pack Relay Block Kit Six 40 Amp SPST Relays

Painless Performance Products 30108

Part Number: 764-30108

6-Pack Relay Block Kit
  • Six 40 Amp SPST Relays
  • Relay Bases with Wire Harness
  • Two 50 Amp Circuit Breakers
  • Crimp-On Terminals
  • Mounting Hardware
  • $274.99
    Made In USA
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    12 volts
    Wiring Harness Included
    Sold individually
    Terminal Type
    Amperage Rating
    50 amps
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    Protect Your Electric Fan!

    Fan-Thom Electric Fan Relay Kit
    Designed as inexpensive protection for your electric fan. Provides constant voltage, protects from voltage and amperage spikes and keeps fan from feeding back through the system. An absolute necessity if adding an on/off switch to your electric fan circuit.

    Fan-Thom II Electric Fan Relay with Thermostat Protection Kit
    The Fan-Thom II gives you everything that the Fan Thom does plus it comes with a threaded thermostat that screws into the engine block or manifold for a professional installation. Thermostat thread size: 3/8"-18 NPTF fitting.

    Single/Dual Fan-Dual Activation Fan Relay Kit
    Installing air conditioning to your hot rod? Need cooling fan relays to operate off of a thermostatic switch and when your a/c is on? The dual activation cooling fan relay kits by Painless Performance are exactly what you need. Only a few minutes for the installation and your cooling fan will come on when the engine reaches the preset temperature of the thermostatic switch mounted in the engine head or when the a/c is turned on.

    Weatherproof Electric Fan Relay Kit
    For the harsh conditions encountered off-road, these relay kits provide complete protection from the elements and ensure reliable and dependable performance. These kits utilize heavy duty waterproof relays, weatherproof circuit breaker covers and extreme condition weatherproof shrinkable crimp-on terminals.

    Weatherproof Electric Fan Relay Kit with Thermostat Protection
    These Painless Electric Fan Relay Kits offer everything that the Weatherproof Electric Fan Relay Kit does while adding thermostat protection. Two choices of thermostat switches are available, 185°F On/175° Off and 195°F On/185° Off.

    Universal 70 Amp Fan Relay Kit
    This kit is designed for running high amp dual fans or Monster fan set-ups.

    PCM Controlled Fan Relay Kit
    PCM controlled fan relay kits contains the necessary length of wire and pin-outs for those wishing to control their fan operation using the vehicle's power control module rather than thermostatically. Also available in a Weatherproof version.

    GM Gen III Fan Kit With Thermostat
    This Fan-Thom II kit comes with a threaded thermostatic switch that screws into the extra coolant temperature sensor port of the passenger engine head on Generation III and up GM engines for a professional looking installation. This is inexpensive protection for an electric fan and a vehicle's wire harness. Provides constant voltage, protects from voltage and amperage spikes and prevents the fan from back feeding voltage through the vehicle's wire harness. Also available in a Weatherproof version.

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