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Phoenix Systems 2003 - Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder Kits

Phoenix Systems 2003 - Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder Kits

Phoenix Systems#596-2003

V-12 Pro Brake Bleeder Kit
  • Moderate Use
  • High Strength Zytel-Nylon
  • 125 psi, 12 ml/Injection Stroke

    Phoenix Systems 2003 - Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder Kits Details

    Brake and Clutch Bleeder Kits

    Kit Includes:

  • V-12 Professional Injector/Bleeder
  • Universal bottle adapter & tube
  • Bottle-Pak (quick-coupler cap, lanyard & 20 lb magnet)
  • Quick-couple filter assembly
  • Quick-couple capture assembly
  • V-12 spare-fittings Pak (adapters, couplers, plugs, taper tips & UPA fittings)
  • Bench-bleed fitting kit
  • Orange case
  • User manual
  • Training DVD

  • Phoenix Systems 2003 - Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder Kits

    With the Phoenix Brake & Clutch Bleeder Tools, one man can bleed the brakes on any vehicle in 10 minutes or less-even if its a tough ABS job (you wont need a scan tool or special clips). Even if its a Ford Ranger clutch (Know what we mean?). Dont force trapped air down. Push it up- and out. The Phoenix Brake & Clutch Bleeder Tools Reverse Brake Bleeder is a revolutionary tool based on the incredibly obvious concept Air wants to go up. Thats it. Traditional brake bleeding tools and techniques fight this principal. At Phoenix, they harness it so you can quickly remove all the air from the whole braking system. Phoenix reverse bleeding is patented and approved by GM, Raybestos, Bendix and the US Military.


  • Patented Reverse Fluid Injection
  • GSA, military, OEM, and ABS approved
  • Single technician operation
  • Removes trapped air in brake system which is the top cause of a "spongy pedal"
  • Portable, lightweight, durable
  • No electricity or pressurized air required
  • Cost- effective and multi-functional
  • No additional tools or clips required to bleed ABS system
  • Constructed from die cast steel and aluminum and simple to disassemble
  • Includes instructional DVD

  • Confidently handle the toughest jobs in minutes
  • Increases your shop's efficiency and workflow
  • Ensure stopping power by decreasing brake response time
  • One tool for all your bleeding needs
  • Reduce comebacks that cost time and money
  • Usable anywhere with a quick easy setup
  • No scanning tools required for basic ABS bleeding
  • Save time and money on good parts not properly bled
  • Hand over the keys to your customer with confidence
  • The last brake bleeder you'll ever buy

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