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Port-A-Tree 5315

Portatree Practice Tree Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

Port-A-Tree 5315


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Port-A-Tree 5315 Portatree Practice Tree Cigarette Lighter Adaptor $13.99
Portatree Practice Tree Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

Port-A-Tree 5315 Details

Portatree Practice Tree Accessories

12 Volt DC Adaptor plugs into any automotive cigarette lighter socket (center pin positive). Used with the Eliminator or Pocket Pal Practice Trees.


Manufacturer's Part Number:

The Portatree ELIMINATOR 2000 surpasses the features of all other practice trees while maintaining a high quality low cost unit. You can practice against a competitor or against the computer with a preset reaction time. All standard features are included and power saver mode assures maximum battery life.

  • TOP BULB LOCK - Also known as NHRA Crosstalk (crossing over on your own top light)
  • CROSSOVER - Leave off the competitors top bulb
  • SCALES - Selectable .000 or .400/.500 perfect reaction time
  • STATISTICS - Average Reaction Time, Best Reaction Time, Lowest Reaction Time, number of red lights, number of wins and losses, review last 10 runs, and more.
  • BUMP DOWN - Popular feature found in most modern delay boxes
  • USER LOG-ON - Up to 8 users by name. Set your rollout, delay box, dial in & more.
  • GRAPHICS DISPLAY - LCD display shows more information on each screen. Dial-In & Delay box show before each run.
  • Backlit LCD display with dimmer
  • Adjustable LED brightness

  • 2 Hand switches for external control
  • 4-Tenths or 5-Tenths Tree Speed Setting on Full or Pro Tree
  • Handicaps both the Full Tree and Pro Tree
  • Automatic random handicap in single or dual user modes
  • Compete against the Eliminator - There is a preset reaction time number that you can change to make it easier or more challenging
  • Separate rollout for Pro Tree and Full Tree (it is adjustable by user)
  • Separate delay box for left and right lane
  • Delay box and Dial-in can be adjusted quickly on main practice screen
  • Change quickly while in Practice mode from Full Tree to Pro Tree, Single to Dual User, Manual to Automatic Reset
  • Automatic at random start with adjustable fixed delay
  • Display mode - Displays flashing tree sequences Full Tree, Pro Tree, & Handicaps
  • Metal stand for hanging on the wall or standing on desk
  • Powers up from 9 Volt batteries, wall transformer, or cigarette lighter adapter
  • Shift Light Feature - 3 Adjustable shift points to measure the accuracy and consistency of your shifts

  • 3 Test track modes: Track 1 - Start line; Track 2 - Start & Finish 2 lanes; Track 3 - Start , 60 foot, MPH , and Finish one lane
  • Dual lane start line with Prestage & Stage photo cells
  • Single lane start line with ''REAL'' Vehicle reaction time [V.R.T.] to .001 second. The ''ULTIMATE'' way to fine tune your launch!
  • Output jack for driving full size Portatree Christmas Tree - 3 Models available
  • RS-232 Serial port for driving a large 2'' or 4'' X 15 character LED color display with wireless remote
  • System initiate - Allows user to quickly reset ELIMINATOR back to factory settings
  • Time Slip printer available for Test Track 2 and Track 3 systems
  • Extra RS-232 Port for future features

  • Full-Size Portatree Christmas Trees
  • 2 Hand switches for external stage control
  • Wall transformer to power from 110 Volt AC
  • Vehicle connections for in vehicle testing - practice reaction time in your vehicle
  • Cigarette lighter adapter to power from 12 Volt DC
  • Foot switches set for the throttle or clutch
  • Photo detectors to launch vehicle & measure - Total reaction time [R.T.], actual driver reaction time [D.T.], and actual vehicle reaction time [V.R.T.] to .001 second.
  • Snap-InTM Weather Station

    Includes: AC Adapter & 2 Hand Switches

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