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Powermaster 982 - Powermaster Pro Series Alternators and Mount Kits

Powermaster 982 - Powermaster Pro Series Alternators and Mount Kits


Motorplate Spacer Kit
  • Billet Aluminum Crank Pulley
  • Spacer
  • Bolts
  • Bracket Spacers

    Powermaster 982 - Powermaster Pro Series Alternators and Mount Kits Details

    Spacer Kits

    This kit spaces the alternator and crank pulley away from the engine 1.875'' to put the entire assembly in front of a motor plate. The kit includes billet aluminum crank pulley, spacer, bolts, and bracket spacers.

  • For Snug Mount Kits 713-8-881 and 713-8-882

  • Powermaster 982 - Powermaster Pro Series Alternators and Mount Kits

    Powermaster Alternator Kits
    Supply your electrical and ignition systems with plenty of voltage and gain horsepower! Features a one-wire hookup, gold battery posts and a black coating that dispurses heat. Choose from a low mount kit for rail cars or a snug kit for body cars. Includes Powermaster alternator (55 or 100 amp), alternator and crank pulley and assembled bracket with belt. Made in the U.S.A.

    Powermaster XS Alternator Kits
    The Powermaster XS Volt alternators include the XS Volt digital voltage control system with a ''Dash'' selectable HP savings mode. Does not include charging wire.

    CS121 Pro Series Kits for Circle Tracks
    This kit mounts the alternator to passenger side cylinder head area and drives off the front of the water pump with a serpentine pulley system. This setup does not interfere with other belt drive systems already in use. The alternator produces 60 amps at low RPM and 100 amps at racing speed.

    Note: XS Volt is a powerful internal regulating system. These one-wire alternators offer the highest stability available for modern electrical systems.
  • Digital Control: Response time in milliseconds, compared to seconds for analog regulators
  • Adjustable Voltage: Adjustable between 13.5 and 18.5 volts. Great for 12V or 16V systems
  • Powerful, Reliable Internals: Short circuit protection and loss of ground protection in a sealed, vibration-resistant housing
  • One-Wire Operation: Easy to connect, turns on and off with the engine

    The XS Volt gives a great deal of control and provides many benefits even without adjustment. With its digital regulator, lightning quick response time, and the stability a digital system provides, electronic components function better

  • Powermaster 713-982

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