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Proform 66830

Cam Lobe Cecking Fixture Includes 1/2" and 7/16" Adapters

Proform 66830

Part Number: 778-66830

Cam Lobe Cecking Fixture
  • Includes 1/2" and 7/16" Adapters
  • 0 - 1.000" Dial Indicator/.0001" Increments
  • $69.27

    Proform 66830 Details

    Cam Lobe Checking Fixture


    Sold as a kit
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    Cam Lobe Checking Fixture - This tool allows you to accurately measure cam lift without fumbling with a magnetic base and a dial indicator. The fixture bolts to deck surface of block with the supplied 1/2'' and 7/16'' adapters, holds and maintains location of the dial indicator with 5'' extension at the precise angle over the lifters, assuring proper geometry.

    Cam Lobe Checking Tools - These easy to use tools simply slide down into the lifter bore and sits atop the camshaft for accurate measurement of lobe lift and base circle run out. The universal version features an expanding collar to securely fit into any lifter bore measuring .750'' to 1.050''. The GM/Ford version is reversible with O-rings for secure positioning in either GM .842'' diameter or Ford .875'' diameter lifter bores. Both tools include two followers: one for flat tappet and one for roller cams.

    ''Heads-On'' Cam Checking Fixture w/ Dial Indicator - No more fumbling with a magnetic base and a dial indicator to measure cam lift. This fixture attaches to a 1/4'' - 20 thread valve cover bolt hole and holds the dial indicator in the precisely correct position over the rocker arm or valve retainer, assuring proper geometry. Includes 0-1.000'' dial indicator.

  • Easy to use - no need to fumble with a magnetic base and separate dial indicator
  • Checks for wear and solves ''mystery'' cam issues
  • Designed to work with cylinder head removed from block
  • All include a 0 - 1.000'' Dial Indicator that measures in 0.001'' increments

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