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Proform 67408 - Proform Circuit Tester

Proform 67408 - Proform Circuit Tester
Proform 67408 - Proform Circuit Tester

JEGS Part Number: 778-67408

Test Light Circuit Tester
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Proform 67408 Details

Circuit Tester

Tips for use:
  • Before you test a circuit for voltage, be sure your test light is in good order by testing it on the car's battery.
  • The leads of the test light are reversible. It doesn't matter which one goes on the positive and which goes on the ground. Use whichever end makes your job the easiest.
  • This test light is very sharp on the pointed end. You can use this sharp point to pierce the plastic insulation on a wire. This means that you can test the circuit without disconnecting anything.

  • Proform Circuit Tester

    The Proform Circuit Tester allows you to quickly check any 6 and 12 volt system with power on to locate shorts, grounds, and open circuits. Simply attach the clamp to a ground source and use the probe to check for positive current, the light comes on to verify voltage.

    Proform 67408

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