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Quick Fuel M-650 - Quick Fuel Marine Carburetors

Quick Fuel M-650 - Quick Fuel Marine Carburetors

Quick Fuel#793-M-650

Marine Carburetor
  • 650 cfm
  • Electric Choke

    Quick Fuel M-650 - Quick Fuel Marine Carburetors

    QFT brings its engineering expertise to the marine market. The M-Series has billet metering blocks and throttle bodies for more precise performance and exceptional strength. Interchangeable bleeds & restrictions allow fine-tuning.

  • Billet Metering Blocks with 4-Corner Idle Adjustment
  • Changeable Idle Air and High-Speed Bleeds
  • Sight Glass Windows for Easy Float Adjustment
  • Quicklink Secondary for Fast Changing of Opening Rates
  • Primary Idle Feed Restrictions & Power Valve Channel Restrictions
  • Teflon-Coated Shafts with Teflon Bearing Ribbons & Stainless Steel Plates
  • Clear-Coated Main Body and Fuel Bowls
  • J-Tubes Prevent Spillage

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