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Ridetech 31009000

Smart Phone / Wireless Remote Kit For RidePro Digital Works on BOTH iPhone and Android devices

Ridetech 31009000


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Lowest Price Guarantee
Ridetech 31009000 Smart Phone / Wireless Remote Kit For RidePro Digital Works on BOTH iPhone and Android devices $250.00
Smart Phone / Wireless Remote Kit For RidePro Digital
  • Works on BOTH iPhone and Android devices
  • Includes Bluetooth Enabled IO Node, 2 Key Fobs, Antenna & Harness

  • Ridetech 31009000 Details

    Components & Accessories

    The system takes another leap forward with the new Ridetech iPhone and Android application that allows you to control your ride height straight from your phone. Using the same basic setup of our previous remote system, the smartphone remote app is simple to install, easy to use, and convenient for those who carry their phones to every situation.

    General Features:
  • Available on BOTH iPhone and Android devices
  • Utilitzes Bluetooth technology for superior security and connectivity
  • Compatible with any RidePro or LevelPro system
  • Adjustable ride height from several yards away
  • Displays live information on air tank and airspring pressures
  • Includes 3 ride height presets plus controls for each vehicle corner
  • Landscape mode imitates ridepro digital controller

    How it works:
    The application is available on any iPhone or Android smartphone device. Using your phone's bluetooth connection, the application will send remote commands to your system through an external antenna. The antenna relays important information back to the phone such as air and tank pressure. Menu items can also be changed via your smartphone, just like the original display.

    What is included: Wiring, 2 Remote Key Fobs, Bluetooth Antenna Box, Application Software

  • Specifications:

    Wiring Harness Included
    Air Suspension Controller Type
    RidePro Digital
    Compressor Included
    Number of Air Bags Supported
    Pressure Gauge Included
    Sold as a kit
    Remote Controller Included
    Self-Leveling Switch Included
    Sensors Included
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    The RidePro from Ridetech is the most reliable 12-volt air valve control system on the market today! The RidePro assembly can be placed anywhere in the vehicle while the switches and gauges can be mounted on the console, in the dash, the glove box, etc. The RidePro uses air valves that have a larger orifice so they can flow more air which decreases the rise time. Ridetech only recommends the 4-way mode configuration when using four airbags (two airbags per axle) on your vehicle. A 4-way system decreases rise time due to double the amount of orifices compared to a 2-way system. Also, the 4-way mode increases handling by preventing air transfer from side-to-side unlike the less effective 2-way. This helps to improve cornering and reduce body roll.

    Ok, I'll tell you exactly why a 2-way system is NOT the way to go when using four airbags...A 2-way system utilizes only two air valves; that means, on a typical vehicle with four airbags, you have one valve and air line for the two front airbags and only one valve and air line for the two rear airbags. While cornering, with a 2-way system, the airbag being compressed or "loaded" will transfer and increase the air pressure to the opposite side air bag. This pressure transfer will "lift" the side of the car on the inside of the turn, increasing body roll which greatly decreases handling characteristics and creates a potentially dangerous driving situation. So, at this point - the only reason to use a 2-way system is if your vehicle has only 2 airbags.
    A 4-way system has four air valves, which allows you to better ''tune'' your ride and handling however you see fit. A 4-way dedicates a single valve and air line to each airbag which means the pressure you set for that airbag remains constant, no matter what! Which means, plain and simply, A 4-way system presents a much more stable, predictable and safe handling vehicle.

    Ridetech uses only DOT approved airlines, DOT approved fittings, bubble-tight leak-free solenoids, and weatherpak wiring connectors to ensure a weather tight seal. The RidePro is also compatible with future products such as the AutoLeveling and remote control air suspension systems.

    The RidePRO Analog manual control 4-way compressor systems - for the budget minded builder.
    The classic, standard, non-electronic systems that use the highest quality valve bodies, compressors, and components to deliver dependable and repeatable manual control.
  • Manual controls provide the simple and accurate ability to inflate or deflate each air spring.
  • Control panel has dual needle air pressure gauges and four switches that activate the RidePro air valves.

  • The high tech RidePRO Digital control system features a digital display and will let you easily inflate and deflate your air spring at will. But the RidePRO Digital also features three pre-set buttons and gives you the capability to program three different, complete ride heights for your vehicle into the RidePro Digital system. So you can quickly set your cars stance at the push of a button, just like choosing your favorite radio station. It will automatically adjust to your pre-selected psi based ride height using the e3 systems included air pressure sensors.
    For instance, you could pre-set button #1 for that ''I'd have to dig a hole to get it any lower'' metal-on-asphalt stance when parked, button #2 is for cruising so low that you push pebbles and head-butt ants, and button #3 is a ''bring it on'' highway speed road kill clearance altitude...just saying. You can set yours how you see fit.
  • Three ride height presets with optional ''Ride height on start'' feature.
  • Solid state internal compressor relays eliminate external compressor relays and wiring
  • Waterproof ECU allows mounting anywhere on vehicle.
  • Transflective display uses sunlight to illuminate... the brighter the sun, the brighter the display
  • Can easily add the LevelPRO digital right height sensors that intelligently utilizes both air pressure and ride height information to accurately adjust vehicle suspension level

  • Ridetech took the RidePRO Digital system and pre-assembled, wired and plumbed all the major components of the air system and even mounted the all of these components together, on one single mounting plate. This completely integrated air compressor system eliminates hours of installation time!
  • Pre-Wired, Pre-plumbed, Pre-tested!
  • Only 4 plumbing connections and only 3 wiring connections to make
  • Save 10-15 hours of installation time
  • Compact size allows easy installation
  • Easy 4 bolt mounting

  • The LevelPRO ride height sensor upgrade provides the Digital system a unique combination of ride height sensors AND air pressure sensors to quickly achieve your selected ride height. Adding LevelPRO ride height sensors allows the system to monitor actual height of the vehicle in addition to air pressure at each wheel. By comparing the position of the ride height sensor to the air pressure the vehicle is leveled with no cross-loading. This provides more accurate leveling, even under varying load conditions.

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