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Skyjacker C125S - Skyjacker Softride Leaf Springs & Fitted Add-A-Leafs

Skyjacker C125S - Skyjacker Softride Leaf Springs & Fitted Add-A-Leafs
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JEGS Part Number: 825-C125S

Softride Front Leaf Spring
  • 1973-1987 Pickup 1/2 & 3/4-Ton 4WD
  • 1977-1987 Pickup 1-Ton
  • 1973-1991 Blazer/Jimmy - Full-Size
  • 1973-1991 Suburban 1/2 & 3/4-Ton 4WD
  • 2.5'' Front Lift
  • Sold Individually
    • $165.70 Ships

    Skyjacker C125S - Skyjacker Softride Leaf Springs & Fitted Add-A-Leafs Details

    Front Leaf Springs - Chevy/GMC

  • Constructed As Progressive Multileaf Packs
  • Load Capacity Will Be Equal or Greater Than OE
  • Made With American Steel
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Skyjacker Softride Technology enhances every steely aspect of leaf spring performance, giving you all the vigorous off-road handling needed while providing the smooth street riding characteristics that you demand. Skyjacker Softride leaf springs use only American steel and the individual leafs of each spring are shotpeened with hard steel pellets at very high velocities. This shotpeening compresses the surface of the steel thereby increasing the tensile strength of the spring. Without this shotpeening procedure, the maximum wheel travel and ride quality could not be achieved without sacrificing the life of the spring. Skyjacker Softride Springs use ''bolt'' style spring clips, eliminating friction. Other spring designs use the ''cinch'' style bend clips which bend tightly over the spring leafs causing binding and friction. Skyjacker Softride springs taper over the entire width of the leaf creating more flex at the leaf ends. This tapering distributes loads more evenly over a greater area and reduces the tendency for one leaf to dig into the leaf above it.

  • Leaf Springs Sold Individually
  • Front and Rear Fitted Add-A-Leafs Sold by the Pair
  • Bushings Sold Separately

  • Skyjacker 825-C125S

    Lift/Drop Height (in.)
    Lift/Drop Height (in.)
    Lift/Drop Height (in.)
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