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Snow Performance 20020MC2 - Snow Performance Muscle Car Boost Coolers

Part Number: 860-20020MC2

Stage 2 Muscle Car Boost Cooler
  • 4150 Dual Carburetors
  • $692.94
    Ships 09/07/16
    if Ordered Today
    Made In USA
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    Run 11:1 to 13:1 compression ratio on pump gas! Increase your pump gas octane by 20-25 points and make more power. More power and efficiency with cooler running for your naturally aspirated V8 Muscle Car.

    Kits use a progressive controller that proportionally injects more or less according to manifold vacuum. Start and full points are adjustable for engagement and delivery curve, to match what the engine requires. High compression modified engines can gain performance through cooler intake charges and the large increase in octane and detonation suppression. It can also be geared towards fuel economy and using lower grades of gasoline. Comes with one or two 4150-style 1" Carburetor spacer plate(s) or a Dominator carburetor spacer plate threaded for Snow Performance injection nozzles, and a solenoid to prevent vacuum siphoning.

    Kits Include:

  • 150+ PSI High Volume Pump
  • One or two 1" Carb Spacer Plate (4150 Style) or one Dominator Carb Spacer Plate
  • Solenoid Valve to prevent siphoning
  • 3 Quart Reservoir
  • Variable Controller
  • 2 or 4 Nozzles To Cover a Wide Range of Horsepower
  • All Required Hardware Needed For Installation
  • Comprehensive Instructions

  • Items You Need